Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any cost to the school for this service?

    No. There is no charge for creating and maintaining its virtual bookstore. However, since we stock all required textbooks, we do require an exclusive arrangement and a one-year commitment.

  2. What is the Akademos virtual bookstore and marketplace?

    Instead of purchasing textbooks at a brick-and-mortar store on campus, students will be directed to a virtual bookstore website where all required textbooks are organized by course and department, so students may easily find, select, and purchase their books online while saving money in the process.

  3. How can Akademos offer lower prices?

    In addition to stocking new and used books at retail prices, Akademos also offers a marketplace option where students can often buy from the same sellers found on Amazon. Textbook listings are tied to our course list by ISBN number, so students are guaranteed to get the correct book. Moreover, students can use financial aid for all purchases at our virtual bookstore, including marketplace items. They can’t do that at Amazon.

  4. How does the marketplace work?

    Our marketplace is fully secured through the platform: we handle the seller payment and even provide a shipping label to help keep track of items while in transit. Items available through the marketplace are being offered by individual sellers and volume sellers that have signed on as members. Purchasing from our sellers is just like purchasing any other item. Buyers can search our site for a particular book, using the ISBN, title, author, or other search criteria. Once a purchaser has found the items they’re looking for, they may simply add it to their shopping cart and check out by using their institution’s preferred payment method (i.e. vouchers, One Card, or all major credit cards) to complete the transaction.  We make every effort to provide our buyers and sellers with the best possible experience. To that end, we implement policies meant to ensure purchases are delivered in a timely fashion and are usable when they arrive. In the event a purchase doesn’t work out as intended, our Buyer Protection Policy is specifically designed to protect our buyers in cases where something goes wrong. In our commitment to provide the best customer shopping experience we work with the best sellers in the business.  One way we maintain this standard is by inviting our customers to provide us with valuable feedback after completing their transactions through a self-service tool.

  5. Does Akademos offer a rental program?

    Yes, Akademos offers a textbook rental option for students on select titles. When Akademos receives your school’s booklist, all of your requested titles will be evaluated for possible inclusion in the semesters’ line-up of available books for rent. If a textbook is offered as a rental, that purchasing option will be viewable by students alongside “New,” “Used”, “eBook”, and “Marketplace.”.

  6. What are Voucher Codes (brief overview)?

    Voucher codes consist of financial aid money issued to students to purchase books through the virtual bookstore. The codes are created through Akademos’ Voucher Tool to which your school will have access. Any student using a book voucher to place an order will need to be assigned a code with a credit limit. The assigned voucher code is a combination of numbers or letters by which the school can identify each student and the code should be at least eight characters. Voucher codes can be used to buy all types of book formats and merchandise from our site. Students use these codes in the checkout process.

  7. Do you offer a return policy?

    Yes, returns are accepted if the following conditions are met:

    • Item was not purchased on our marketplace (Please see the section below for information on returning these items).
    • Item purchased within 30 days of your order confirmation.
    • Item was not sold as “Non-returnable”.
    • If the item is “consumable”, for example a one-time-use access code, it has not been opened or used.
  8. Can Akademos offer custom course materials?

    Yes, we have a custom coursepack offering where professors can create packet of materials tailored to their particular course. These are then printed on demand and lower prices dramatically for students. Coursepacks, or course readers, are cost-effective, custom compilations of academic material. They are generally made up of collected readings (from textbooks, journals, or online sources), lab manuals, professor-created content like syllabi, and other sources that are put together by an instructor. They are used as a cheaper alternative to traditional textbooks or class hand-outs.

  9. What shipping options does Akademos offer?

    We offer multiple shipping options to choose from in order to best suit our customers’ needs. The United States Postal Service (USPS) and UPS are the main carriers we work with for shipping. USPS standard shipping is available all year round—we offer FREE economy shipping on retail orders over $49. UPS shipping levels range from Standard Ground shipping to Next Day Air.

  10. What if faculty members need desk copies or instructor’s edition?

    Akademos will order these on your behalf, and ask publishers to ship those copies to you at your school. Please submit requests to your department secretary for processing, and allow six weeks to receive the book. Not all publishers comply with requests in a timely manner.

  11. What kind of customer service support does Akademos offer? What customer service options are available to students & faculty?

    At Akademos we are dedicated to provide your school’s students, parents, and faculty/staff with the highest quality of service. To help customers have a positive buying experience, we have various types of customer support to answer questions.

    Linked on the top website’s header is a ‘Help’ tab that navigates to our FAQ page, which provides answers to the most common questions we receive.

    There is also an ‘Ordering Instructions’ link , which the school is able to edit., located on the left-hand side. This instructional page will pop out so that the shopping process will not be interrupted and users can browse from ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Check Out’ sections.

    We also provide the more traditional means of customer support through phone and email. Customers have the option of calling our phone lines directly during normal business hours M-F 9am-5pm EST. If a customer is not able to reach us during normal hours, they can also send an email to our customer service team, which will be answered within 24-48 hours.

    For details on reaching customer service simply select the ‘Contacts’ link at the bottom of the page for assistance or feedback.

  12. What kind of marketing does Akademos provide to students?

    Account Managers and the Marketing Coordinator at Akademos will work with your school to make sure you get all the marketing materials necessary to get the word out to students before and after your site launches. Options include: e-mails, flyers, posters, and other materials upon request that relate to the start of a semester/school year and buybacks at the end of the year. We create all the materials! All the school has to do is approve and distribute them.

  13. Can we still keep our physical bookstore?

    Yes. Some of our partner schools continue to sell school supplies, insignia items, and various other goods. All textbooks are purchased through the online site.

  14. Is Akademos a full-service provider?

    Yes. The Akademos program includes all of the services that students, faculty and administrators need, and much more. Our service includes a customized, branded bookstore integrated with the curriculum; Dedicated inventory of new and used books; Online Adoption Tools; Real-time order reports; Financial aid voucher management; On-campus and online buyback programs; Dedicated account managers; A complete range of media, including ebooks, custom coursepacks and a rental program, and an integrated peer-to-peer marketplace where students save an average of 61% off list price.

  15. Do you offer on-campus buy backs?

    Yes. We run on-campus buy backs at many of our partner schools.

  16. Does Akademos manage bulk ordering?

    Yes. We have relationships with over 500 educational publishers. We manage bulk orders from publishers for many of our partner schools.

  17. Does Akademos have its own warehouse?

    Yes. We have one warehouse in Pennsylvania and a second one in Nevada. Shipments from these two locations enable us to deliver books in two days to over 80% of the country.

  18. Whom do I call if I have a problem?

    Each school is assigned a dedicated Account Manager to address all questions. Students can call or email our customer service department, which has extended hours during the book-buying season.

Is Akademos a full-service provider?

How can Akademos offer lower prices?