New White Paper Provides Exclusive Insight into College CFOs View on Textbook Trends and Bookstore Services

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Two years ago Akademos completed the first comprehensive survey of college CFOs regarding the future of bookstore services and today released the results of the much-anticipated follow-up study in a new White Paper. New data reveals the ongoing tension between serving student needs, improving student outcomes and the current on-campus bookstore model.

Norwalk, CT – Today, Akademos, Inc. announced the release of a new White Paper that highlights key trends in the ever-changing landscape of textbook delivery and bookstore services. The report, based upon a recently fielded study of college CFOs, assesses critical issues such as trends in textbook sales at campus bookstores, student purchasing behavior, the impact of textbook costs on student persistence, plus much more. Results show that textbook delivery and bookstore services remain a prominent issue for college and university CFOs. Institutions are being forced to review their current bookstore model in an effort tokeep up with the demands required to serve student needs and improve student outcomes. The White Paper underlines a clear direction in which college CFOs believe textbook delivery is going, including the following key findings:

93% of respondents confirmed that students are increasingly turning away from campus-based bookstores in favor of third-party providers

  • Respondents pointed to price as the primary reason students bypass the college bookstore
  • Respondents ranked giving students access to high-quality, low-cost textbooks as the most important service institutions can provide regarding the sale of textbooks
  • Nearly all respondents believe textbook costs impact student retention and persistence
  • The majority (91%) indicated that textbook sales have been flat or down over the past three years

“The latest data highlights that challenges facing colleges and universities with regard to textbook delivery and bookstore services have only accelerated since our 2013 report,” said Jonathan Shar, Chief Marketing Officer for Akademos. “For example an increasing number of college CFOs confirmed that students are shopping for textbooks outside of the school-sanctioned bookstore due to price, which is a critical issue to track and in our experience is often under-reported. We hope this White Paper can provide a blueprint for institutions across the country on how to best structure their textbook and delivery services going forward.”

The full report summarizes responses to all questions asked in the 2015 CFO Survey, provides analysis ofthe results, and compares trends from the 2013 survey. For a copy of the 2015 College CFO Survey on Textbook Delivery and Bookstore Services White Paper, go to This White Paper is available at no charge.

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