HEOA and Your School

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) was signed into law in August 2008 and took effect on July 1, 2010. This bill expands on the original Higher Education Act of 1965 and includes new requirements for schools, academic publishers, and school bookstores. The goal of the HEOA is to increase student access to affordable course materials through transparency in the listings of courses, textbook editions and bundles, and online purchasing options.

The Akademos virtual bookstore + marketplace solution allows schools to comply with both the letter and the spirit of HEOA, as students can view detailed bibliographic information (including ISBNs) linked directly to classes. Akademos already provides all of the required and recommended cost-saving solutions in the act, including an integrated peer-to-peer marketplace, used books & eBooks, rental options, and online textbook buyback. To ensure that your school is in compliance with the HEOA regulations, review this summary of the relevant provisions in the bill and learn how the Akademos solution delivers the control, customization and cost-savings your school’s administrators, faculty, and students require.

SEC 112 (133) C – Publisher Requirements
This section outlines new publisher responsibilities to provide faculty or textbook adopters with information on a given book’s price, previous editions, content revisions, supplemental material, and alternate formats. With this new data, faculty members can avoid unnecessary edition changes and ‘un-bundle’ the textbook to adopt only material relevant to their students. While the section emphasizes that it is the publishers’ responsibility to provide this information, Akademos’ faculty adoption tools, including an online desk copy request form, a searchable database of millions of titles, and account manager resources empower faculty to make informed decisions as to the cost-effectiveness of their textbook adoptions.

SEC 112 (133) D – Provision of ISBN College Textbook Information in Course Schedules
This section requires, to the extent practicable, that institutions post International Standard Book Numbers (“ISBNs”), book retail price information, and supplemental materials alongside online institutional course listings. Partnering with Akademos makes compliance with this section easy, as faculty members or a single school administrator can post an entire booklist (including departments, courses,
books, and instructors) online in just a few minutes. Students can then browse by course on the school’s bookstore website, which automatically displays, for each title, retail price, ISBN, required/optional data, and any additional course notes or documents faculty members wish to give students.

SEC 112 (133) E – Availability of Information for College Bookstores
This section details the responsibility of a school to make the booklist available to the official school bookstore as soon as possible before an upcoming term. Booklists should include all course and instructor information, as well as adopted titles and maximum and expected enrollment. The Akademos booklist upload tool covers all of these areas, as well as more advanced options like loading course notes and documents like syllabi, podcasts, and video files. If new courses or books are added late, lists can be edited in real-time so changes show up instantly to students.

SEC 112 (133) F – Additional Information
This section lists additional resources that schools are encouraged to disseminate to students, including options like used books & eBooks, rental programs, or other available institutional cost-saving strategies. Akademos always seeks to lower the total cost of textbook ownership for students. The integrated marketplace has millions of listings and saves students an average of 60% off list price, and is designed specifically for textbooks and the college market. Year-round online buyback programs ensure that students can sell their books back for a fair price, while guaranteeing a large supply of used books available for purchase every term. Innovative solutions like on-campus delivery, bursar integration, and rental programs keep Akademos at the forefront of efficiency, cost savings, and student satisfaction.

To learn more about the HEOA bill and the Akademos virtual bookstore + marketplace solution, contact us.

U.S. Department of Education’s HEOA site:
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