Innovative eLearning Platform

HTML5 eReader Works on All Devices

Our platform includes the Akademos CourseReader, an HTML5 eReader that is compatible with any computer, tablet or smartphone. That means students can download digital course materials such as eBooks directly onto their devices right from your online bookstore and marketplace. Students can then add notes in their eBook, highlight passages, bookmark pages, search text and enjoy a fully enabled dictionary, and collaborate with fellow students. All of these activities are associated with the student’s account so they are saved and automatically generated anytime the student signs-in.

What’s more, many of these digital educational materials are free. The Open Educational Resource movement helps provide educational materials at no cost to students when downloaded directly to an electronic device. Partnerships with publishers and distributors such as Flat World Knowledge and CourseSmart help increase the number of high quality texts available in the book catalog.

Efficiencies and Cost-Savings

Offering more affordable solutions is the main objective here at Akademos, but we also offer solutions that make learning and teaching more fluid. Our existing innovations give students the opportunity to spend less time in organizing course materials and more time in formulating ideas and processes that will make their learning and experience a success.

Akad�@mos eReader functionality on a variety of devices.