How Do College Bookstores Survive?

How is it that consumer-oriented physical bookstores—be they national chains or small independents—are consolidating, closing up in vast numbers while many college bookstores continue to enjoy remarkable resilience?   If you have wondered not only how they’ve managed this but also whether such success is likely to continue, you might be interested in an article that I just published with University Business, entitled “The Curious Longevity of the College Bookstore.” Take a look and let me know what you think.

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  1. Kristopher Lange,
    Brian, Informative well-founded article. You came to a data-driven conclusion that is not well publicized in the textbook industry. That conclusion being that the students who are in the most financial need to take advantage of cost savings (via any means be they third-party Ecommerce sites, off-campus competition, etc...) are hindered from doing so due to the financial aid system at their school that makes them a captive customer to their store. Since technological integration to so many business offices of so many schools would be a massive undertaking, you are right that it will probably take a federal initiative to create a standard service that will attempt to fix this dilemma. Before even then, I trust innovative companies in the textbook space that will bring the power and savings of the Internet economy into the college bookstore. And if you are like me, you ponder these innovations each and every day. Best, Kris Lange
  2. Tashi Lhamo,
    “The Curious Longevity of the College Bookstore`` Just imagining Bhutan after 10 years from now.......nice article.

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